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I have a car licence - do I need to resit my theory test?

There is a motorcycle specific theory test, where there are questions that relate directly to using a motorcycle on the road. You would need to take this in order to take your motorcycle test but not for your CBT.

Can I learn to ride a motorcycle or a moped on a foreign driving licence?

Usually you must have a UK licence. Full car licences from countries within the EU/EEA can be used as provisional motorcycle entitlement only if supported by a D91 issued by DVLA. Applications for a D91 should be made on a D9 form. Any licences outside of the EU, won’t be accepted.

How long is a CBT valid for?

A CBT certificate is valid for two years from the date of issue. Before it expires, you will need to retake your CBT or undertake further training and gain a full licence.

What shall I bring along for my CBT?

  • Your driving licence/provisional licence
  • Sturdy clothing (jeans, warm layers and a waterproof jacket)
  • Tough shoes or boots (that cover your ankles)
  • Glasses or contact lenses if you wear them
  • A packed lunch is advisable

Are there any restrictions with a CBT?

  • A CBT will allow you to ride up to a 125cc bike (depending on age)
  • You must display L plates
  • You are unable to go on a motorway
  • You are unable to carry passengers

What type of bike will I be allowed to ride once I have passed my CBT?

You are allowed to ride a moped or motorcycle up to 125cc. If you are 16 years old, you are able to ride a 50cc moped that is restricted to 30mph.

Is there anything I need to learn or revise before taking my CBT?

It is advised that you have some knowledge of the Highway Code, so you may want to read up on this before coming for your CBT training.

What happens if I fail my CBT?

A CBT isn’t a test, therefore you cannot fail it as such. However, you are required to complete all of the elements of the CBT. As we all learn at a different pace, some students require additional training to get to the level required to go out on the road ride.

How old must I be to do a full licence course?

Read up on the new test rules here, for up to date information on this.

Why would I need advanced training?

Advance training is designed to give you additional skills to the ones that you were originally taught when you took your test. These might include road positioning for different scenarios, observation skills and machine control, all to make you a more rounded and safer rider. Our in house I.A.M instructor will tailor a course to suit your needs.