Banbury Motorcycle Training

Quickstart Training Centre, Banbury

Banbury test centre is home to your Module Two test. The Module Two Test is part of the Direct Access Scheme (DAS). Banbury is an ideal location to learn to ride. It has all the different road and traffic scenarios to ensure you are comfortable and confident on the roads. Our experienced instructors at Oxfordshire Motorcycle Training train in and around Banbury using only current test routes, to ensure you are familiar with the roads you will encounter on your Module Two test.

The Banbury test centre has ample space for beginners to learn to ride in a controlled environment. Banbury is a popular location for new riders looking to complete Compulsory Basic Training(CBT). If you are looking to learn to ride and are unsure of the Bike Test Rules, follow the link to find out more about this.

Oxfordshire Motorcycle Training has been established for over 20 years and is Oxfordshires leading motorbike training organisation. The instructors at Oxfordshire Motorcycle Training have been teaching motorbike riders for over 20 years. They are all passionate about teaching and enjoy helping others take to motorbike riding. They all have many years training experience and have experience teaching all levels of riders. The bikes you will use are all the latest, up to date, models to ensure you are ready to ride on the latest motorbike technology.

If you would like to enquire about learning to ride with Oxfordshire Motorcycle Training please give us a call today on: 01993 812 527

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